Why Use Kid-Style Drawings?

In the ever evolving world of content creation, it can be hard to stand out. If you’re a teacher seller looking to enhance the way you promote your products, look no further as kid-style drawings may be for you! Below I’ll outline a few reasons why using this style of clipart over traditional clipart is useful.

You're No Longer in the Classroom

If you’re retired from the teaching profession or pursing your TPT business full time, you may not have access to the classroom. Why is this important? The classroom is a way you’re able to have students use your worksheets and resources to trial before posting for sale. When you’re no longer in the classroom, you don’t get to see how students use your resources in real time. Even if you are still teaching, you need to be careful of taking photos that may violate FERPA (Family Educational Right and Privacy Act). Using kid-style drawings eliminates this risk, because these drawings are not attached to a student! You have full control of how you use drawings to showcase your resource to your audience.

You Need to Save Time

We all know that time is valuable and adding kid-style clipart can help free up your time to dedicate to other areas in your business. All images are transparent, allowing you to easily insert them into the resources you create in apps like Powerpoint and Canva. Say goodbye to the days of drawing, coloring, snapping photos of your resources, scanning and uploading to TPT. 

Tired of Clipart Looking the Same

There are so many teacher sellers and I’m sure you’ve come across many thumbnails that use similar styles of clipart. I’m all about the saying “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!”, but sometimes it is good to step outside the box. By adding kid-style clipart to your creation toolbox, you get to stand out! 

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